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OUR FIRST SUPPORTER! Dick's Bait & Tackle is truly the inspiration for this story. It has been a fixture of my life since I can remember and we are excited to feature it as a location in this story.

Stony Brook/Killer Films


Chamber of Commerce of the Mastics & Shirley

Local Writer Nick Collins

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Mastic Beach Property Owners' Association


Local Photographer Trish Minogue

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 7.49.48 PM.png

Legislator Rudy Sunderman, District 3


TJ's Hero Shop

Mercedes Meat Market.png

Mercedes Meat Market

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Greek Bites

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Lehmann Film Productions

La Reina del Norte

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Ralphie & The Sand Bar

August 2018 Crowdfunding Backers

Virginia Gaipa

Candy Carro

Kathleen Johnson

J.C. Phillipps

Rodney Cuellar

Lynette Warner

Moriches Bay Deli

Meghan Simon

Natalie De Paz

Alison Collins

Ilknur Eren

Catherine Hennessey

Jennifer Mensch

Catherine Porter

Grace Porter

Erika Chelsea Houle

David Schultz

Terrence Elenteny

Kay Elenteny Aparo

Fran & Steve Imperatore

Sarah Dollard

Rachel Ellis Adams

Kathleen Potts

Bob Lee

Justin Onne

N K Reid

Yasmine Gomez

Neena Bhanti


Joan M Jeans

Cathrine Gallery Verga

Chip Lange

John De Vito

Richard LaFemina

Judy Callaway

Juhyoung Ra

Carlo Aprea

Kyle Imperatore

Julie Stainer-Loehr and Bob Loehr

Joy Masters and Dustin D’Addato 

Susan Reib

Joan M. Jeans

Joseph Franzino

Lauren Fagan

Barbara Dorio

James Grimaldi

Adaire Kamen

Catherine Gallery-Verga

Tony & Barbara Liberti

Drew Moore

Endla Burrows

Elizabeth Horbal

Meaghan Gallery

Austin Florio

Dara Finkel

Marcus Castillo

Ada Malamud

Paradise Ice Cream

Seth Gliksman

Renee Geerlings

Martin & Sharon Minogue

Kate and Steve Browning

Steve and Steph Giovine

Jacqueline Searing

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 11.13.19

Donna Evans

Susan Carlsen

Danielle & Jose Escalante

Brianna Evans

Nicole and Sean Lanza

Geri Minogue

Kathleen Williams

Kristine Houghtalen

Diane McDonald

Melissa Weiner

Ryan McCarthy

Anna K. Koenigsdorf

Frances Cutro

Theresa Amlong

William Xiao

Kelsey Mensch

Bill Bruno

David Brett

Kevin Durant

Monica Michaelis

Jill Weiner

Mitchell Beattie

Christina Prince

Madeline O’Hara

Iqura Shaikh

Anthony DeFeo

Mary Rothfuz

Linda Bartolomeo

Marcie Litjens

April & Joe Franzino

Robert Miller

Catherine & 

Courtney Zimmermann

Helene & Vince Davi

And thank you to everyone who chose to remain anonymous! 


S P A C E Real Estate


Linsa Torr's Place